Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Jo-Anne R.I.P.

From way  back when, another era
Where no longer buildings stand
To hold the echoes of the cheer
And fun in the sun held so dear.

Gone are those carefree days 
Of shimmering blue pools,
Sunlight dancing as we lazed 
Laughed and played the fool.

A different time, a better time,
When less was more; each day
Bringing a new precious find
To gladden our carefree way.

There was of that happy few one
Who better knew what we had
In lieu of what makes folk sad, 
And now that dear soul is gone.

Her name is Jo-Anne.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Sun Always Shone

The sun always shone
On my mother's birthday.
Come what may,
It always shone.

Today was no change.
Except, of course, to say
That it seemed strange
Again to see the rays

And know that she is gone.

They Came to Darken Our Vision

They came to darken our vision
With their their soul-killing doubt,
Disbelief; their mistrusting fission;
Their scepticism, cynicism and shout

Of bleak, unimaginative emptiness;

Of negative, deathly dark dullness.

They came, this newly arrived throng

Of hopeless unromantics, to bring
Their miserable dreariness along
To our place where we sing

Of things more real than their blind

World of naught spiritual, naught kind.

They bring darkness to our light;

They bring ennui to our hope;
They bring cowardice to our fight;
They bring death to our trope.

They are the modern materialists;

They are the cynical "realists"

Whose perception of our sight,

Our discernment of the unseen,
Disturbs what they find right,
  And threatens what they glean.

Thus our world grows dimmer;

Our view hidden and slimmer.

Yet we recall that other time

When oblivion was effaced
And the only sort of crime
Was one that lacked grace.

Yes, we remember when our mission

Combined with courage and vision!