Sunday, 25 December 2011


Today the Church celebrates the Birth of the Word of God according to the flesh. In relatively recent times the three Masses on Christmas have symbolised respectively Christ's human birth from a Virgin, His spiritual birth in our souls and His eternal birth from the Father. This Feast may have been instituted at this date to replace a pagan feast which honoured the Sun.

Saint Francis of Assisi was the first to erect a representation of the stable and manger in which Christ was born. This very beautiful custom is followed in most parish churches and is beloved by Catholics and other Christians alike. Visits to such mangers help to make vivid the Nativity scene, but we should remember that the altar actually is our Lord's birthplace and manger-throne.

At the altar, Jesus, Who was born into the world to communicate divine Life to us, feeds us with His Body and Blood, His Soul and His Divinity, conforming our wills to His and vivifying us with His Love, that we may live as "Other Christs."

May the Infant Saviour be born in your heart today. Merry Christmas!