Thursday, 2 December 2010

Holy Grail Retreat

The Holy Grail Retreat looks quite picturesque with several inches of snow all around, and more on the way. The clifftop just a few yards away is even more picturesque, so I took these pictures of the view hereabouts to record England during its severest winter on record. Fortunately, it is never too cold by comparison here in the southernmost reaches where we are situated. 

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Rediscovering Past Acquaintances

I recently heard from a cousin who I have never met. She now lives in Los Angeles, having been raised in Surrey. She asked if I was the relative with the Newstead connection and went on to name my late mother about whom some documents were found after this person's grandmother passed away. I was delighted to inform her that I am that person and that we are related. She now plans to visit me at my retreat on the south coast of England.

I have been holding reunion dinners for friends, acquaintances and colleagues for a number of years. These have always been enjoyable occasions with good wine and excellent repast. Some people, however, might in the first instance prefer to have a more intimate setting without extra guests from outside. This, too, can be arranged. Should old acquaintances with whom I have lost touch wish to visit for a reunion dinner with conversation in an informal, convivial atmosphere, please let me know and it will be arranged.

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